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Prism Kombucha

Prism Kombucha

Prism Kombucha

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Big Sky Run Co - 


Juicy & Bright

This juicy and vivid new flavour is made with a green tea and blended with wild-foraged mint, elderflower and sweetgrass.

Inspired by a mojito, it’s extra peachy, with a hint of mint and lime. This kombucha is the perfect beach or cottage companion for the upcoming summer!


What grows together belongs together.

Boreal Blueberry contains is made using Organic black tea and is blended with wild-foraged wintergreen, lemon balm, sweet grass, sage, Labrador tea, and raspberry leaf tea.

The secret to this perfectly balanced sweet-tart kombucha is the Canadian wild blueberries which gives this flavour its vibrant blue hue, and complex, sweet taste. 

Boreal Blueberry is a great stand-alone drink or addition to any non-alcoholic cocktail.

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