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Big Sky Run Co + Oldhat 5 Panel Handmade Hats

Big Sky Run Co + Oldhat 5 Panel Handmade Hats

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Big Sky Run Co - 

How lucky are we to have a hat maker living and working so close by?! 

Oldhat is a one-man hat making company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. All hats are sewn by Nathan, in his home workshop.

He uses only carefully selected recycled or secondhand fabric. To stiffen the peak he uses the plastic from ice cream pails, which he salvages from local shops.

The end products are quality hats that are attractive and environmentally conscious, while remaining perfectly functional.

A collab between Oldhat and Big Sky was a no-brainer. We are so proud and grateful to have these hats on the shelves of our store. 

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