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Billy Kid's Classic D|R High II

Billy Kid's Classic D|R High II

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These additional features in the DR2 specs significantly enhance comfort, durability, and adaptability, distinguishing it from other models.

  • The DR2 advantage, emphasizing the enhancements that set it apart:

    1. Achilles Notch: Adds comfort and ensures a better fit, particularly with hinged AFOs.
    2. 1.25 mm Polyester & Yarn Strobel Material: Increases wear resistance, enhancing the shoe's durability.
    3. Memory Foam Cushioning: Provides superior comfort in the removable insoles.
    4. 1.0 mm Last Board under Strobel Fabric: Adds an extra layer of durability.
    5. Clinician-Adjustable Outsole Plate: Allows for customized support and tuning.
    6. Increased TPR Thickness & Outsole Plate: Extends the longevity of the shoe.
    7. High-Quality TPR Outsole: Offers improved grip and tread for better traction and stability.
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