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Hüma Energy Gel (Double Electrolytes)

Hüma Energy Gel (Double Electrolytes)

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Like all endurance energy gels, Hüma is a tool for glycogen supplementation. What’s that you ask? Funny, lots of people ask! When you exercise for more than 45 minutes, you run the risk of hypoglycemic shock, a.k.a "bonking”. Bonking occurs when your body runs out of its glycogen stores, a.k.a. energy! Hüma provides an alternative fuel source (energy gel) that is 100% all-natural, tastes great and is actually healthy for you—so your glycogen lasts longer and you can go further while enjoying the day. 
Hüma is proud to put energy gels into runner’s hands that will leave stomachs happy (say goodbye to GI distress), actually taste good (ask our nephews, they didn’t barf!), are made from 100% all-natural ingredients, and will help you achieve your goals while eating something that is actually healthy for your body.
With so many great flavors, we understand that you might have more than one favorite Hüma flavor. Try one, try them all! Enjoy all of our great all-natural and great-tasting Original flavors!*


Savor the taste with flavor that comes from real fruit puree

100% All-Natural

Be healthy with our Real Food ingredients combined with finely-blended Chia seeds

The PLUS is Electrolytes

Huma PLUS gives you an extra shot of the 4 main minerals lost in sweat.

Easy to Swallow

Consume Huma Gel smoothly and easily with our high water content/real food formula

No Stomach Issues

Enjoy your gel without worrying about nausea or finding the nearest bathroom

Long-Lasting Performance

2:1 Glucose (short and long chains) to Fructose ratio combined with all 9 essential amino acids give you maximum boost

Why use Chia? Well among many great aspects of chia, its fibers ensure a steady energy release and NO flash-crashes. Learn more by checking out Hüma Science.
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