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IceSpike Serious Traction System

IceSpike Serious Traction System

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Big Sky Run Co - 

Deluxe Package Includes an installation tool, (32) spikes with 9.5mm (3/8") threads (for most running/walking shoes) & a bag


ICESPIKE is the only traction system that:

  • allows the wearer the comfort and natural feel of foot to ground interaction in their Winter Spike Running Shoes
  • is low profile, lightweight and unobtrusive
  • eliminates the need to alter pace or gait
  • prevents the muscle injury and fatigue associated with heavy strap-on spikes, coils, chains or platforms with spikes
  • eliminates pressure on the top of the foot or bulk underneath the shoe

ICESPIKE traction spikes are engineered to:

  • withstand extreme abuse and provide exceptional surface penetration
  • firmly engage the sole of the shoe which prevents loosening
  • promote self-cleaning of ice, snow and debris
  • maintain integrity of grip for up to 500 miles

ICESPIKE ice traction gear is not just for winter!

Get the "Icespike edge" with Ice Spikes For Running Shoes for control and stability on all rough and inconsistent conditions:

  • water, mud and muck
  • slick rocks and loose gravel
  • root-bound and uneven terrain
  • slimy leaf debris and mossy surfaces

ICESPIKE™ ice grippers make it simple and easy to turn your footwear into winter running shoes, shoes for winter walking and winter hiking, winter trail running shoes and winter work boots. Get traction on ice, traction in snow, and stability on any treacherous surface!

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