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Nutty Hero

Nutty Hero 12 Nut and Seed Butter 340g Jar

Nutty Hero 12 Nut and Seed Butter 340g Jar

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"Hi, we are Courtney & Arjun!

As lifelong athletes, outdoor enthusiasts and foodies, nuts and seeds are a big part of our diet because they are a phenomenal source of plant-based energy and nutrition. However, we found it challenging to incorporate all these individual superfoods into our diet in a tasty and convenient way.

This is where the idea of optimizing the nutritional benefits of various nuts and seeds combined with delicious flavours came about.

We figured, "let's blend ALL these superfoods into a delicious, all-natural Superhero fuel". And thus, NuttyHero Nut & Seed Butter was born!"

Nutty Hero 12 Nut and Seed Butter comes in 5 amazing flavours:

1. Original Unsweetened
2. Coconut Crunch
3. Honey Vanilla
4. Chocolate Bliss
5. Maple Cinnamon


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